Well, this is the truth. I have something important to tell you, but do not know how to tell you the first time I meet you. Here’s the thing, acceptance into the kingdom of heaven on earth, kingdom come, comes with Jesus Christ that needs to be accepted first. He’s already accepted you, watching every move you make. Waiting just for you to realize it. He’s as the air is in your lungs, gentle and understanding, ready to walk with you and let you get to know Him. Yup, it’s here. He’s here. Kingdom Come is right at your front door.

Why do I do all this? Everyone is looking for something, almost running around, as I was, like a bread without butter. Full of worry and anxiety and loneliness. Once I found out what was right in front of me the whole time, and how at peace I was since I accepted Him, I had to find a way to tell everybody. I plan on telling Everybody.

If you want everything that you have been looking for, and more, and are ready to give their life over to the resurrection power of Jesus Christ, then it’s time. Just say out loud or in your mind if you can, Jesus, I accept you and your kingdom, I admit I can’t do this on my own and I am not perfect, I sin and that’s in need of looking at. I accept you as you as my father, friend, Lord and Savior of my soul. Show me love and understanding surpassing my own understanding, mercy , forgiveness and grace. Guide me in the way I should go.

And Welcome, you are now part of family of the Kingdom Heaven on earth. He is right there with you now.

It’s that easy.

Remember Him always, and through your trials which naturally come, that He is walking with you through it, and promises never to leave you.

Hi! I’m Jarvis Emerald Popovich. Since 2005, my discovery of 2 things: The Kingdom of Heaven’s promise on Earth, as in the Lord’s Prayer, which I have been walking around trying to figure out, and the other, a Gem, also trying to figure it out. Because of them both, I have interviewed and taken a photo of over 1000 people and climbing, holding a simple glass Gem, while trying to get my answer.

I’ve had many conversations with people and Jesus Christ. In the end, I finally found what I’m looking for. The phenomenon that connects us all. No, it’s not a Gem. It’s a living conversation we all share. I’m now trying to get the message out about Kingdom Come, being the most precious promise, to tie it all together. If by knowing Him myself, introducing myself is the best I can do. The picture with the Gem is just explanatory. What are we all looking for? Something representative of The Gem. A Foundation. You see, back in 2005 I accepted Christ, realized the Kingdom was the first focus of the day and started walking around with something to say but not sure how to say it. Later I found the Gem and told people they were doing a great job. Why did I feel I had the authority to do so? Because I believed in what we were all really a part of. Would you consider to join the conversation by following and commenting Let’s grow this foundation together.