Canadian Mental Health Association

“The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), founded in 1918, is one of the oldest voluntary organizations in Canada. Each year, CMHA provides direct service to more than 100,000 Canadians through the combined efforts of more than 10,000 volunteers and staff across Canada in over 120 communities.” (CMHA Website)

It has been years since the Gem has been around in my possession, and it has seen many photos and people. It’s time to pass the Gem around, to show appreciation of each other and bring awareness to the problem of rising mental health issues in the population today. We have all had our battles with mental health and appreciate it when there is someone there to talk to who cares. Talking to someone can make the difference between life and death to someone. Knowing that we are not alone in this helps.

Mental health and addictions are on the rise in Canada especially during these trying times of Covid-19 and if it wasn’t for the services we have today it would be a loss on all accounts.

Remember to donate your photo and or make a donation to this cause and follow along as we track the progress of appreciation to each other.

The Video that Reminds me of The Gem