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take a picture WITH THE GEM 

I hope you take a photo with the Gem.

Why the Gem? I honestly don’t know why. Different, I know. It’s a giant cut glass green diamond. But for some reason, people let me take pictures of them with it. A mysterious proposal, I know. They wonder, how does he do that!?

The reason I was doing this started when I was in Toronto working as a video blogger with the Daily Gem promoting my blog. Once I found the Gem and started taking photos with it gave me a way to remember the conversations I had with people along the way. You see, everyday I was out meeting people having a conversation reflecting my biggest revelation, and I knew that some day this venture would make the message very popular having taken 1000’s of photos with the Gem and I would be able to get the message out. Once this happened those who I met along the way would find out that the conversation we had was significant and even more meaningful, knowing they were all connected by a “GEM”.

Well, even though I didn’t reach the national news, I still carried with me the biggest revelation I ever had. They knew it too. I just didn’t know how to tell them the first time we met.

Really, what isn’t the Gem? That’s a good question. It seems to represent everything. It’s up to each of you to decide in your photo. It seems to mean a large variety of things when people first see it. The pictures speak for themselves. It’s whatever people think of when presented. It seems to tell people that there is something precious that they are looking for, and here it is! Represented in a Gem. We share the special recognition of something or someone important enough to recommend. Yes, it’s just a piece of formed glass, but since I have taken a picture of 1000 plus people it has become obvious what the Gem represents. The ongoing conversation of something special, which is what I have been trying to express. Think about it. Everyone was open to get a picture.

Just so you know, the conversation we had was the best, even without the Gem. But because of the Photo with the Gem, I remember everything about them. And I’m not finished yet.

If I captured a photo of you with the Gem while out and about, you’ll find your photo on the blog page. It was nice meeting you! If you know someone that could use a little recognition, and needs a photo with the Gem, please click the I Support Button down below and let me know about them.