thaNk you for scanning

What is something we can do for one another?

passing along appreciation 

Clearly, someone appreciates you! Either that or you FOUND the Gem!! Congratulations, you’re a Gem! By passing it along, we show one another we appreciate one another.

What can you do to help? Take a photo with the Gem to show your support for mental health awareness.  Next submit your photo  and / or make a donation to support suicide prevention and mental health. All proceeds donated go directly to the Edmonton Canadian Mental Health Association.

Every day, in Canada, we lose 11 people who for some reason lost the will to live, lost hope, and gave in to suicide, and took their own life. A statistic we hope no one becomes.  Unfortunately, suicide is the second leading cause of death among youth and young adults (15-34yrs).

The Next thing is to pass the Gem along.  Now it’s your turn. Who do you know that you would consider to be a Gem?  Pass along the Appreciation.  Send your photo to along with a short paragraph in the email about your recommendation and why you passed the Gem to them. I’ll publish our stories along with the photo to tell the story about why we need one another.  Let’s stand up against the stigmatization of mental illness by taking a picture with the Gem! Thanks for participating. Now it’s your friends turn to pass it on. Give them the Gem and it’s up to them to find someone that they know.

By supporting this you are supporting the many services that the Canadian Mental Health Association’s Team facilitate each year to aid in keeping people alive and well.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email or call 780-886-0329

Jarvis Popovich (please check out the About Me Section.)

Also, if you would like to be a supporter of bringing another Gem (1 of 4) into circulation please donate $30 directly to myself and you can be the starter of a new lineage! First Come First Serve (Rose, Sapphire, or Crystal Clear). Then email me directly to let me know it was you.


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