About Me

Jarvis Emerald Popovich

Hi, my name is Jarvis Emerald Popovich. I currently live in downtown Edmonton, the city I was born in. In the past I have created and ran a video blog called the Daily Gem where I met and recommended several people and businesses as Gems. This was quite a miraculous venture because I had spent the previous 5 years in bed after a bout of mental illness where I was diagnosed as having schizophrenia. I had thoughts of suicide at this time. I spent the days in my home town of Lamont with my father during the time I was incapacitated. By the grace of God, Mental health practitioners, and the internet, I found my mind starting to work again, and I made my way back to Toronto to run the Video Blog. It was quite successful. During the time of blogging I came across a Gem. It became the newest addition to my advertising, and it really worked. People love the Gem. I have 1000’s of photos of people holding the Gem having had a great conversation with them. I met a lot of people along the way, and now am sending the Gem out into the world by itself…with You. This is my hope to send a message of hope and caring between people. Pass the Gem along. Please share and take a photo with the Gem to end stigmatization of Mental Illness. Thanks you so much.